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Doris Guenette

"I was told that [women] were not allowed in the infantry part of the military, but I put my life on the line just like any of the other driver as far as hauling ammo was concerned...As a matter to fact, we were heading toward the front line the night the war started in January.  We were hauling ammo to the front line and you could see the bombs dropping in the distance.  That was one of my hairiest times in my life, just knowing I was heading towards the war.  It didn’t last long, but to me it lasted forever"

Doris Guenette enlisted in the Women's Army Corps as a reservist in 1969, but within two years found herself in Vietnam.  She remained in the army for another twenty years, seeing action again during the First Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) in 1990-1991.  In this 1996 interview with Angela Stuart, she discusses what it was like being a Franco-American and a woman in the military in that period.

British Army Convoy. Gulf War

Coalition Convoy during the First Gulf War, 28 February1991. Photo: United States Department of Defence (public domain)

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