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Germaine Herbert

"[Dr Martel] not only treated them, but he gave them the presecriptions and the medications.  And that's why he died poor.  It wasn't because he wasn't a good doctor...he went to the legislature [but] he wasn't elected mayor...the English sentiment was too strong."









Dr Louis J Martel, c.1900Postcard.

Germaine (Hamel) Martel Herbert was born in Lewiston January 7, 1902 to Napoleon Hamel and Angeline Marquis.  When her mother died the same year, she lived in Warwick, QC, with her father's parents.  She returned to Lewiston aged 15 and went on to work in the office of the mayor, where her father was City Clerk.  She was secretary to Mayor Louis Brann , who later became governor of Maine (1932-1926), and to Robert Wiseman, the city's first Franco-American mayor (1914-5 and 1926-29). She was married to Louis J Martel, nephew to Doctor Louis Martel, a Franco-American civic leader.

In this interview with Sharon Halperin, she talks about her work for mayors Brann and Wiseman, about her husband's family and other prominent Franco-American families of early 20th century Lewiston.  She also discusses her life history.

Note: The sound quality of this recording is poor.  Review of the transcript is recommended.

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