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Gilberte Beaulé Interview

Interview with Claude Bergeron, April 18, 1998

"We came from a family of five kids, and you really had to work just to feed us and clothe us and keep us going...the son-in-law of the shop owner [would come] to the front on the street, picking [my father] up. He would pick up a few people that worked, including my uncle who used to live down the road. And he would take them to work and bring them back at nighttime...We used to have a baseball bat behind the nighttime, my father would get the closet door off the hinges and put it in front of the windows, because [the strikers] would break windows. They would go to houses and break windows."

Gilberte Desrochers Beaulé (b. Lewiston, c.1935) talks to her nephew, Claude Bergeron, about her father, Adelbert Desrochers, who was a strike-breaker in the Auburn Shoe Strike of 1937, growing up in the Great Depression, and family life in her early years.  Also present for the interview is the interviewer's mother, Beaulé's sister, Jeanine Desrochers Bergeron.

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