Franco-American Collection

HUM 460: Franco-American Community and Archive Work

Collection Coordinator James Myall will be teaching HUM 460: Franco-American Community and Archive Work in the Spring 2014 semester at USM.

HUM 460 is an "active learning" course which emphasizes students' connections to their local communities, and allows them to pursue self-guided projects within the framework of a supportive class environment.  The course is designed to have students working with the Franco-American Collection at USM LAC, but it is also possible for students to take the class from a distance and work with their local historical society, university archive, museum, or public library.  The course will make use of Adobe Connect software which allows for live, face-to-face meetings online.

The course includes an introduction to Franco-American history, so in-depth knowledge of the subject is not essential.  

The course has been approved by the State Department of Education for content area in secondary English education.

For more information, contact Collection Coordinator James Myall at 207-753-6545 or 

Download a flyer for this course (PDF).