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Lucien 'Red' Filion

"In the slashing department it wasn't exactly dirty but it was hot. It was a very hot department because in order to dry the yarn after it got out of the slice box we had a series of cylinders, steam inducted and on my machine I had three of them and it really got hot. On a warm day in the summer if it's 90 - 95 outdoors it probably was 125 inside."

Lucien 'Red' Filion was born in Beaulac-Garthby, QC, in 1915.  His parents were farmers, living off the land.  In 1923, Red's family moved to Lewiston, Maine.  Red started work at 16 in a Lewiston shoe shop, as a 'cotton boy', bringing raw cotton to the women working the looms.  In this interveiw he describes conditions in the mills, the great shoe strike of 1937, and his career in various Lewiston factories.

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