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Lucille Pare

Dominican Nuns, c1965

Nuns at the Dominican Convent, Lewiston, c1965.  Sister Marie Sylvie (Lucille Paré) is in the center.

"The Dominican habit was...a white floor length dress, long sleeves with a scapula...we had a wimple...and a long shirt with long sleeves that was very tight at the wrists...Six of us from Brookline, Massachusetts [went] to Phoenix in the end of July...As we drove along, the sleeves were gone, the stockings left...oh, it was impossible, it was so hot!"

Marie Thérèse Lucille Paré was born in Auburn, Maine in 1923.  At the age of seven she was sent to live with the Dominican nuns while her father went to Canada to find work during the Depression.  Lucille remained at the convent until she graduated, and returned at age 26 to take holy orders.  As a Dominican prioress, she headed the Lewiston convent until just before its closure in the late 1960s.  She was also prioress in Phoenix, Arizona, where she earned her PhD, and went on to head an adult religious education initiatvie.

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