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Maureen Perry

"[My toutière recipe comes to me in] pretty much [a] direct line. I forget how many, but a few greats back. So it has usually been by oral transmission, but my Mom did write it down not too long ago....three years ago when we had the Franco-American Convocation and they had a tourtiere cook-off as part of it, my Mom entered her pie....originally, I was asked to judge. So when I mentioned that my Mom was entering, that there might be a conflict of interest, they said that they would arrange it so the it (her pie) would not be among the ones I would taste. But it did not work out that way....of course, I could recognize it in an instant. Granted that there were no identifiers, but the taste, I grew up with, of course I could tell."

Maureen Perry talks to USM LAC student Rachel Widner about her family's toutière recipe, genealogy and other family traditions.  This interview was gatethered as part of the USM class HUM 302: French Settlement in the Northeast on April 27, 2005.

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