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Maurice LaBrie

Interview with James Myall, July 24th, 2013.

"My father belonged to the Musical Literary Club, and in the afternoon...that was his hangout. They’d go out and they’d play cards, on the third floor of a building on Lisbon Street, and a lot of businessmen, French business guys....they hung around that way. They played cards together so, you know, they dealt together."

Maurice Labrie, National Candy, c.1943

Maurice LaBrie was born in Lewiston in 1931.  His father, Lucien, owned the National Tobacco and Candy Company on Park Street in Lewiston.  At the age of 16, Maurice started his own business, National Vending Company, selling cigarettes and candy through vending machines.  

In this interview, he describes how he started his own business, and Lewiston's business community in the 1940s and 50s.  He also discusses many aspects of Franco-American life.

(image: Maurice Labrie, National Tobacco & Candy, c.1943.  Image courtesy Maurice LaBrie)


Housing, business, school, baseball, hockey, Catholicism, Greek-Americans, World War 2, French language, cuisine, snowshoeing, social clubs, music, fairs, railroads.

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