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Patricia Paré Camire

Patricia Paré Camire and WAAC friends, 1943

Patricia Paré Camire (left) and friends in the Women's  Auxiliary Army Corps, 1943

"Sometimes I resented the fact that l was stuck in a convent with nuns, and ail my brothers and sisters were home, and to me, they were having a good time all the time, while I was stuck in the convent. l'm sure it wasn't like that, but that's what I had in my mind."

Patricia Paré Camire was born in Lewiston in 1921.  In this interview, she talks to her sister, Collection Coordinator Madeleine Roy about their family and Patricia's time as a boarder at the Ave Maria Convent in Sabattus while their father was 'out west' in Canada.  Camire continues with life during the Great Depression, her service in the Army during the 1940s and her later careers.

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