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Paul Jalbert Interview

Interview with Sara Bolduc, April 26, 2006

"In those days, they didn't have any [barbers'] school...he learned it all himself.  He picked up kids on the street and he cut their hair...when he had enough experience he went to work with his brother Pete."

Paul Jalbert (b.1938 in Auburn, Maine) followed his father into barbering.  Paul's father, Alfred ("Fred") Jalbert was a self-taught hair-cutter who owned and operated his own store in New Auburn for nearly 30 years.  Alfred passed the business to his son before retiring after 57 years as a barber.  Paul continued to operate "Fred's Hairstyler's" until 2001, when he sold the business to go into semi-retirement himself.

In this interview, with Sara Bolduc - a distant relative - on April 26, 2006, talks with Paul about the business, his time in the armed forces during the Cold War, and his friends in St Louis' parish choir.

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