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Marie Sturtevant

"I saw a lot and I would not do it again and I wouldn’t give up...The was a high incidence of mental illness on our unit because of those that we treated went back to Vietnam even though they had life threatening wounds and went back into combat.  That was really a conflict from a professional value system because you are getting somebody well to go back with the potential of getting killed.  Probably about only a third were evacuated stateside and ended up with discharges with medical disabilities.  I also recognized that if we hadn’t been there, a lot of people wouldn’t have made it home."

Marie Sturtevant (b 1940) served as a nurse in the Army Nurse's Corps during the Vietnam War in a hospital in Okinawa.  In this interview with a relative of hers, Murielle Guay, she speaks about her service during the war and issues of discrimination, sexual harassment and the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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