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Theresa Cyr

Daughter of Zepherin Jeandreau, St David, ME, 1940"I was about 5 years old. We were all doing that up there. We would go in the potato field with our family..I was probably 9 years old when I started babysitting. When I was older, at 15, I started milking cows. At 16, I was working at the dime store, the 5-and-10 cent store in the town. I babysat, I kept on picking potatoes."


Image: Daughter of Mr. Ziphirin Jendreau, French-Canadian potato farmer, picking potatoes. Saint David, Maine, 1940.  Photograph: Jack Delano/Farm Security Administration

In this interview with her daughter-in-law, Jackie, Theresa Cyr reflects on her life - her childhood in van Buren, and her move to the industrial center of Lewiston and, later, to Rhode Island.

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