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1992 — Home be Coming Soon, Yong Soon Min

Yong Soon Min


 Home be Coming Soon

Yong Soon Min
University of Southern Maine
Law Building, 7th Floor

Yong Soon Min (1992)

Korean-American artist Yong Soon Min created Home Be Coming Soon as a tribute to the heritage, vision and struggle of Native Americans. In particular, this work is dedicated to fellow artist Diosa Summers, a Mississippi band Choctow and adopted Narragansett, whose passing in 1992 left a cherished memory. It is also a tribute to Leonard Pellitier, an activist in the American Indian Movement and internationally recognized political prisoner who is serving life for an unfairly convicted crime.Min quotes, "Created in this quincentennial, five centuries since the voyage of Columbus heralded colonialism, the slave trade and the genocide of native peoples, my project joins a groundswell of international voices interrogating this legacy of conquest. This work moreover seeks to affirm multiple perspectives of what it means to be an "American".

Working on this project during my three-month residency at University of Southern Maine was akin to embarking on a journey in a foreign land with a set return date. I meandered a number of times but managed to get back on course by relying on the kindness and wisdom of folks I met along the way. Thanks to the bright students in my course who contributed in various ways to this project and revived my interest in teaching."

Yong Soon Min's mixed media work has been exhibited throughout the United States. Her work has been exhibited at University Art Museum, University of California; Herter Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts; The Bertha and KARL Leubsdorg Art Gallery at Hunter College, NY; Alternative Museum, New York; The Bronx Museum, New York; Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art; The New Museum of Contemporary Art; The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; "Committed to Print," Public Art Fund, New York; and "City Hall Park Group Sculpture Show" (commissioned project). She is on the Board of Directors of the Women's Caucus for Art.