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1996 — Environment Z, Jin Soo Kim

Jin Soo Kim






Environment Z
Jin Soo Kim
University of Southern Maine
Corthell Hall, Lobby

Jin Soo Kim (1996)

During the summer of 1996, Chicago aritst Jin Soo Kim designed and built her first permanent, site-specific installation called Environment Z.

Working with USM students, Kim created this structure from wire mesh and discarded nautical materials that refer to our past and present connection to the sea for pleasure, travel and livelihood.  Anchors, rudders and chains, disconnected from their former function, are wrapped in twisted wire.  Each object floats effortlessly through the structure, caught in the underlying mesh by shimmering copper wire.
Since the 1980's Jin Soo Kim has transformed discarded urban debris into haunting and poetic jungles.  These web-like environments surround the viewer and admit one into her intuitive, imaginative world.  Kim's ovsessive preoccupation with wrapping, weaving, and tying together materials such as wire, bandages, and muslin re-invests scrap material with new purpose.  Her work affords the opportunity for contemplation of issues such as death and regeneration within human experience and the environment.

Other installations by Jin Soo Kim include Environment E at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1985; Environment L at the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center, 1989; FOCl at the Illinois State Museum, 1991; Strata at the Madison Art Center, 1992; and Tacit Transit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, 1992.  Kim is currently a Professor of Graduate Studies at the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.