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2001 — Secret History: The Founding of AORTA, Eve Andree Laramee








Secret History: The Founding of AORTA
Eve Andree Laramee
University of Southern Maine
Bioscience Building, USM Portland Campus


Eve Andree Laramee (2001)

This series of five digital prints entitled “Secret History: The Founding of AORTA (Artists on the Road Travel Assistance) Fund” is one of four print series created by Eve Andree Laramee while a visiting Artist-In-Residence at USM in 2001. One set belongs to the Art Department’s collection and the remaining three sets are envisioned as social sculpture intended to be sold to support future USM visiting artists working in New Genre art forms.

The digital Iris prints feature Mia L’Amar, the Hollywood starlet wife of Yves Fissiault, two fictive identities Laramee has developed as part of a larger body of work known as Secret History Laramee writes: Secret History is a visual-literary-performance hybrid dealing with personal, enduring things such as self-knowledge and on another level a critique of Cold War paranoia, a rethinking of the notion of “truth” in science and the media, and an active intervention with institutional presenters of art… Like all of history and memory, the history of the self is always orchestrated out of fragments of information combining fact and fantasy into a conceptual matrix which re=presents truth or reality. Secret History morphs autobiographical and mnemonic material into a complex multi-part meta-narrative.

Laramee has been exploring the mutable, triadic relationship between art, science and nature for the past twenty years. Her most recent work extrapolates the ambiguities in belief systems, investigating the zones between fact and fiction.

Her installations and sculptures have been exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe, including exhibitions in New York, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Israel, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Her work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; the Museum of New Mexico Santa Fe; and MASS MoCA.