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2005 — The Return of the Hunted , Allan deSouza

deSouzaThe Return of the Hunted 
Allan deSouza
University of Southern Maine
USM Art Gallery, Gorham Campus

Allan deSouza (2005)

Looking out of my campus studio to a landscape blanketed in snow, I was reminded of once reading that Maine is demographically the whitest state. I began work based on the ideology of whiteness as pure and righteous, and with the brown body as a stain or a site of pollution or contagion within this whitescape.

The view out of my studio also felt strangely familiar. I eventually tracked this déja vu to a 1565 painting by Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, entitled The Hunters in the Snow.

I photographed the scene outside my studio as a one hundred and eighty degree panorama. Instead of Bruegel's hunter, I digitally inserted my own image, photographed in different positions and carrying brooms rather than spears. A return from cleaning up, rather than from a kill? Or arriving to clean up? I am accompanied by two different dogs belonging to friends and neighbors, with the dogs photographed multiple times. Other objects were also digitally inserted into the background image, creating a completed composite of approximately sixty individually photographed images.

Visiting Artist Talk: Anne Harris

Anne Harris Redrobe

Friday, April 24 at 12 p.m.

Burnham Lounge, Robie Andrews Hall, Gorham campus

Free and open to the public

Anne Harris is a figurative painter who finds her way to spectral worlds where webs of meaning, identities, lineages, and histories mesmerize rather than add up. Her presentation will include visual examples of her past and current work.

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