USM Art Galleries Gorham and Portland

Maine Calling: Featuring artist-in-residence Amy Stacey Curtis

A woman wearing jeans walks on a sidewalk in front of two large wooden doors. The wall around the doors is painted a bright red.

How colors affect our emotions, shape our memories, and determine how we see the world

Colors are integral to our lives. Orange can signal danger, green represents nature. They evoke moods and memories--and are used to categorize our world. We talk with British broadcaster and art historian James Fox about his new book, The World According to Color: A Cultural History, and learn about the meanings that we assign to colors and how that affects our beliefs. Also joining us, USM artist-in-residence Amy Stacey Curtis whose current interactive installation in Westbrook prompts visitors to describe the memories and emotions tied to different colors.

Listen to the Maine Calling episode here.