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A woman wearing jeans walks on a sidewalk in front of two large wooden doors. The wall around the doors is painted a bright red.

Maine Calling: Featuring artist-in-residence Amy Stacey Curtis

Maine Calling recently hosted USM Artist-in-Residence Amy Stacey Curtis for an episode about how color affects our perception.
A ma stands next to a yellow brick structure.

Porltand Press Herald on the Color of Memory

An article on the intense installation of The Color of Memory exhibition.
A woman stands in a large room. She is wearing black. She stands on a piece of particle board and is surrounded by much more. At left, a blue structure stands.

Portland Press Herald article on The Color of Memory

Portland Press Herald article on USM Artist-in-Residence Amy Stacey Curtis and the installation of her exhibition, "The Color of Memory."

Portland Press Herald article on Hella Rock

The latest addition to Portland’s public art collection is easy to mistake as nothing but nature. If not for a nearby sign identifying a grouping of boulders and flat slabs atop the Eastern Prom as “Hella Rock,” an installation by Ólöf Nordal, these rocks might pass for what they are – and are not. The temporary installation, overlooking the islands and harbor by the basketball court and community garden, consists of four rocks, arrayed in pairs set apart from each other. There is a 300 million-year-old sparkly granite boulder from Maine, a 5,000-year-old black lava rock from Iceland that Nordal shipped by boat to Portland, and two concrete casts that resemble each of the natural rocks, made last year by art students at the University of Southern Maine.
Image of Portland Campus art installation

New Installation Merges Art, Nature and Commerce in Portland Bus Shelter

The permanent bus shelter art installation — located on the west side of Bedford Street on the Portland Campus — is latest work by artist Justin Levesque ‘10.
artist image

USM Art Galleries presents "Lusus Naturae" — video and sound installation by Icelandic artist Ólöf Nordal

USM Art Galleries presents "Lusus Naturae," a large-scale animated video and sound installation by Icelandic artists Ólöf Nordal, Gunnar Karlsson, and Þuríður Jónsdótti. The exhibition will open on Thursday, January 30, at the USM Art Gallery on the Gorham Campus.
artwork by Dinora Justice

Portland Press Herald praises USM Art Gallery show — an 'excellent tool' to spark conversation

In his article, "Art review: USM exhibit should spark a conversation about Modernism," art historian Dan Kany reviewed the current exhibition at USM Art Gallery in Gorham, "Contemporary Responses to Modernism: A New England Perspective."

Work-study Employees Assist Art Gallery Exhibition

Work-study employees Liz Trumbley and Donna Blackwell huddled together with a box of matches on the walkway leading to the USM Art Gallery in Gorham. They were lighting tiny candles and placing them into the glowing white paper bags that lined the path. As the evening darkened, the light from the candles began to radiate.
Jon Imber artwork

USM Art Galleries presents "Contemporary Responses to Modernism: A New England Perspective" 

Join the USM Art Department and Galleries for the opening reception of "Contemporary Responses to Modernism: A New England Perspective," on Thursday, Oct 10, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m, at the USM Art Gallery on the Gorham Campus.
Joseph Lupo artwork

USM Art Department and Galleries announce 2019-2020 exhibitions and events

The artwork of Visiting Artist, Joseph Lupo, will welcome students back to campus starting Tuesday, September 3 at USM’s AREA Gallery on the Portland Campus. The exhibition, “Deconstructed Invincible Iron Man,” kicks off the University of Southern Maine’s Art Department and Galleries Fall 2019 season of exhibitions and events.