Game Design Studies Program

Jordyn Curley B.S.

Lecturer in Game Design
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Office Location

Ci2 Research Studio



Academic Degrees

  • B.S. in Media Arts and Animation from the New England Institute of Art


Jordyn Curley is an award winning 3d artist whose credits include several​ positions in the fields of illustration, advertising, architectural visualization, and feature film. Most notably at Blue Sky Studios, helping manage the story department during the development of Ice Age 5 and the Peanuts Movie. She has a B.S. in Media Arts and Animation from the New England Institute of Art, where she graduated top of her class. She has led several user groups including AAUGA (Autodesk Animation Users Group Association) and the New England chapter of SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques). And still volunteers annually at the SIGGRAPH conference,  the world's largest, event in computer graphics and interactive techniques, where she creates all the graphics for their largest show. Currently, she is also a 3d artist for Infusion Studios in Portland Maine where she creates photo real animations for clients including, Mercedes Benz, GMC, and Cadillac. When she has the time she also freelances as an illustrator and had worked on Werewolf the Card Game, LAM e-leaning and Harvard University projects.