Abby Mann '12

Abby Mann (2012)  is working on her M.Sc. in Quaternary & Climate Studies  through the UMaine Climate Change Institute. She has been awarded a Graduate Assistantship and work-study employment. Her research interests are prehistoric adaptation and resource use in response to climatic changes in Maine and the Canadian Maritimes.

Since graduating in 2012 Abby has worked in land use management and geospatial data applications in two different positions, beginning as a research assistant for a small appraisal company in Portland, ME and later moving to similar contract-based work. In addition to her role assisting licensed appraisers and foresters with their research and reporting, she has coauthored market studies and produced maps and geospatial information for property damage studies utilized by various entities, including the USFWS, USDOI, and utility companies. 

She writes, “I have enjoyed many travels in Scandinavia and Europe, with Slovenia, Norway, and Iceland standing out as favorites. I have also begun exploring the United States (which is HUGE) and have barely scratched the surface with trips to California, Idaho, Oregon, and the Four Corners. Favorite pastimes include water sports, hiking, skiing, farming, and voracious reading. I aspire to learn Spanish and Russian, travel in South America, and (someday) drink less coffee.”

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