Good advising is key to a timely degree and helps you choose courses that both fulfill your requirements and meet your interests.  Make sure you read through the Advising Process document for details.  Advisors are assigned once you declare the major of Geography-Anthropology.  You can choose a faculty member or we can assign an advisor for you.  Please call 780-5321 to find out who your advisor is or to change advisors.  

Advance Registration:
(For degree candidates only)

  1. As soon as the course schedule for a particular semester is available, make an appointment with your advisor. This is crucial!
  2. When meeting with your advisor, make sure you are given a PIN. This number is required for you to be able to register using Mainestreet, or it can be used instead of an advisor's signature if you prefer to register in person. Before you leave your meeting, make sure you have your PIN or the signature of your advisor on a worksheet. 

Geography-Anthropology Core and Major Course Checklists:

Other relevant advising information and forms: