Good advising is key to a timely degree and helps you choose courses that both fulfill your requirements and meet your interests. To help guide you on your acadmic journey, USM provides students with both a Professional Advisor and Faculty Advisors.

A Professional Advisor is assigned once a student is accepted at the University. This person will assist in the initial stages of your academic career. The Professional Advisors assigned to our students are:

Lynsey Thibeault, Professional Advisor

Judi Brewer, Professional Advisor

Christen Eaton, Education Pathways Advisor

A Faculty Advisor is assigned once a student declares a major. When you declare a Geography-Anthropology major, our department assigns a faculty member who meets with you as you progress though the GYA program.  You can request a specific faculty member or we can assign an advisor for you.  Please call 780-5321 to find out who your advisor is or to change advisors. 

Make sure you read through the Advising Process document for further details about advising.


Schedules and Program Information for Advising:

Fall 2021 Advising Notes/Fall 2021 Schedule

Core and the Major

Fall 2018 GYA Listed Core with Minors


Geography-Anthropology Core and Major Course Checklists:


Other relevant advising information and forms: