Bates professor tells story of Malaga Island, including its dark chapter of forced exodus

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'Re:past' marries art, history and food with a one-day performance that pays tribute to the island's early settlers.

MALAGA ISLAND, PHIPPSBURG — The first night Myron Beasley spent as a Maine resident was in a hotel in Portland in 2007. He would be starting a new job at Bates College soon, but his house was not yet ready. He turned on the television in his hotel room and became absorbed in a documentary on MPBN about Malaga Island. It was short, only about 12 minutes

For a black man, moving from a teaching job at Brown University in Rhode Island to one in Maine, it was particularly shocking to hear for the first time the infamous story. People of black and white and mixed races had been forcibly evicted from Malaga in 1912 under orders from the man in the state’s highest office, Gov. Frederick W. Plaisted. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I am moving to Maine,’ ” Beasley said. “And it has haunted me.” Read the complete article here