Special Teaching and Research Facilities

The faculty of the Geography-Anthropology department conduct a wide variety of research projects focusing on the relationship between humans and their environments.  Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty.  Faculty have specialized labs for such teaching and student-faculty research collaborations. These include:

Archaeology Laboratory

The Archaeology Laboratory located in 317 Bailey Hall provides facilities for research in archaeology and related areas. Various research collections are available, primarily from Maine, Alaska, and the Caribbean. The Archaeology Laboratory also houses a small library including books, journals, slides and maps. Opportunities are available for independent student research projects, and work-study positions are available in the laboratory each semester.

Cartography Laboratory and Map Collections

The Cartography Laboratory located in 323 Bailey Hall provides facilities for map making and air photo interpretation. The room is open for faculty and student use daily. An extensive map collection is housed in 318 Bailey Hall. Holdings include national Defense Department maps, Maine maps, topographic maps, and various world regional maps. Student proctors are available to offer assistance.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Laboratory

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Laboratory, located in 302 Bailey Hall, provides facilities for computerized automated research of geographical data. The GIS Laboratory includes advanced tools for running vector and raster-based geographic information systems, and producing large format multi-color output.

Qualitative Research Laboratory

The Qualitative Research Laboratory is housed in 315 Bailey Hall and is dedicated to qualitative analysis, training, and instruction, including the use of digital media. The room is used for classes and laboratories, and to conduct research and media production in the qualitative aspects of cultural anthropology and human geography. Opportunities are available for independent research projects, and work-study positions are available in the laboratory.

Zooarchaeology Laboratory

The Zooarchaeology Laboratory located in 316 Bailey Hall provides facilities for research and teaching in zooarchaeology, human osteology, and human evolution. Current collections include casts of nonhuman primates and fossil hominids, and a comparative faunal collection specializing in mammals, birds, and fish of the Northeast.