John Mosher '89

John has been a professional archaeologist since graduating from USM (GYA 1989; ANES 1991). In April 2000, he joined the staff of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, where he directs federally funded pre-contact Native American and historic archaeological research projects in Maine resulting from NHPA Section 106 and State Highway-Aid Section 4(f) legislation. His responsibilities include conducting archival and other documentary research, artifact analysis, Access and dBase database design, CAD and GIS mapping, and report writing. Additionally, he assists Historic Preservation Staff by creating and maintaining Geographic Information Systems data sets, and building and maintaining in-house relational databases, including the Historic Sites Inventory, MESITES (pre-contact archaeological sites), and the Review and Compliance management system.

John Mosher and his wife Liz

John Mosher and his wife, Liz

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