NEW! Minor in Social Justice

The Social Justice minor will provide students with a set of courses focused on those ideas and practices directly related to the interdisciplinary field of social justice. Specifically, this minor offers students a set of queries, a field of research, and a body of theory and practice that student interests in economic access and opportunity, social and cultural production, and the multiple processes that inform the human experience of exploitation, and of justice, injustice, domination and resistance.

The Minor in Social Justice offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum grounded in the theory and practices of Social Justice and poses set of queries regarding the history and contemporary understandings of Social Justice. The Minor introduces students to, and develops their understanding of, Social Justice as a field of both research and praxis. Specific topics of study within the Minor may include conditions for economic access and opportunity; the processes of social and cultural production and reproduction; and diverse human experiences of exploitation, justice, injustice, domination and resistance.

In order for students to develop and expand their study into praxis, the Minor emphasizes the practical knowledge necessary to be an informed and active citizen. This pursuit of academic and experiential knowledge prepares students for various careers, such as those in government agencies; colleges and universities; consulting firms; research institutes; corporations; domestic and international nongovernmental organizations, and international development organizations. Students will be able to enter the workforce with an understanding of structural inequalities and some means through which to reduce and/or eliminate them.