Roxanne Guildford '15

Roxanne Guildford photoRoxanne Guildford is currently an interdisciplinary Ph.D. Candidate in Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, where she studies computational archaeology applications for zooarchaeological methods. She is a US-UK Fulbright Postgraduate Alumni from the University of Exeter, where she completed her MSc. in Bioarchaeology (Zooarchaeology), and is currently a recipient of the Principal's Career Development Scholarship at the University of Edinburgh. Roxanne is currently focused on analytical methodologies in zooarchaeology, where she explores quantitative methods using open-source software to further study the changes in sheep husbandry practices during the Medieval period in Britain as related to wool production. In addition to her research, she also volunteers at local field work sessions and demonstrates for practical labs in zooarchaeology and computational archaeology.


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