Geographic Information Systems

Course Modules

USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has developed a series of modules for a variety of courses, designed to facilitate the incorporation of GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing technology and techniques into non-GIS courses. Modules typically last for one or two class lectures or lab sessions. Activities can take place at the GIS Lab, in other computer labs or classrooms, or in other locations on campus.

In the past, we have worked with professors in the following departments and programs: Political Science, Environmental Science, Geosciences, Geography and Anthropology, Honors, and Self-Designed Major.

Students have used GIS to investigate and analyze literacy rates and energy consumption per capita on a global scale, distribution of volcanoes and seismic hazards in the western United States, proposed routes for the Gorham bypass, and the spread of HIV/AIDS and avian influenza.

If you are a faculty or staff member who is interested in incorporating GIS into one of your courses, contact USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We will work with you to customize a module that fits your syllabus and course goals.