Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Employment


USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is always looking for students with Federal Work-Study funding who are interested in working at the GIS Lab. No experience is necessary. Responsibilities include supervising the lab when it is open, helping users with system and software operation, and helping the lab manager with system maintenance. Work study students with some GIS experience help develop and test course modules and workshops, troubleshoot software issues, and assist in research.

Student Employment

Occasionally, USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will have funding related to grants or consulting projects that is available for student workers. This funding is not based on Federal Work-Study, so it is available to any student. Generally, at least one or two semesters of experience with GIS or Remote Sensing is required for these positions.

If you wish to be considered for work study or to be notified of non-work study student employment opportunities at USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS), please send your resume to the GIS Lab Manager.  Please include a list of the courses you have taken and whether or not you are eligible for work study funds.  If you are unsure if you have work study funds, contact student financial aid.

Bulletin Board

Postings of GIS related employment opportunities in New England and elsewhere are on the bulletin board outside the lab at 302 Bailey hall.   Check it out if you're looking for a job!


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