Geographic Information Systems

GIS Hardware

Hardware Resources

In addition to the extensive software resources, the GIS Lab is equipped with some specialized hardware as well. The lab has 13 Dell Precision Workstations with Core 2 Duo processors, 4 GB RAM, and 256 MB Video Cards. We have a high quality flatbed scanner with a 12" x 18" scanning surface and transparency adapter for slides or negatives. We have a 36" x 48" digitizing tablet. These resources are available to anyone from the University community. Please contact the Lab Manager to make an appointment.

Our printing resources include a color printer capable of printing to 11"x17" paper and a 36" wide color plotter. These resources are available at a small fee to cover the cost of ink and paper.  Please contact the Lab Manager to make an appointment for printing.

In addition to these office resources, the GIS Lab also has a suite of resources for field use