Geographic Information Systems

Online GIS Tools

There are many GIS Tools available online. Some tools produce output based on data entered by the user. Other tools are data viewers or interactive maps. Listed below are the tools that are often used by students working in the GIS Lab.

  • Batch Geocode: a tool that takes user-entered street addresses and outputs the latitude and longitude of those addresses in a table. After some minor formatting, users can view the locations in ArcMap. Alternatively, users can save their locations as .KML files for display in GoogleEarth.

  • NGS Geodetic Tool Kit: a suite of tools hosted by the National Geodetic Survey includes links to the GPS processing tool OPUS, the latest geoid models, and cooridate converters such as NADCON and VERTCON.

  • National Map Viewer: a map viewer hosted by USGS. It displays national environmental and infrastructure data. The user may also create a printable map.

  • National Atlas Map Maker: a map viewer that displays many of the datasets available from the National Atlas. Like the National Map Viewer, the National Atlas Map Maker also allows the user to create a printable map.

  • Maine Office of GIS Aerial Photo Viewer: a map viewer that displays aerial photos for the state of Maine. Users may download data from this site.

  • Maine Office of GIS Interactive Maps: a series of additional map viewers for the state of Maine. Datasets include general basemap, wetland habitat, and wireless service.

  • EPA Enviromapper: an interactive mapping tool hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency that includes access to many environmental datasets. Users may create a printable map.

  • NOAA NGS OPUS: The Online Positioning User Service provides simplified access to National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) Coordinates.