Geographic Information Systems


USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS) understands that pooling expertise and resources can be mutually beneficial to everyone involved. Because of this, USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS) currently partners with a few local organizations.

One of our partners is the Maine Department of Transportation (MEDOT). MEDOT is creating a statewide network of GPS basestations to be used for surveying control. USM hosts one of these basestations on the roof of the new residence hall on the Gorham campus. Once the network is up and running, both local surveyors and USM students, faculty, and staff will benefit from local access to high accuracy GPS-control.

 Another partner is the Town of Gorham. USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Gorham have been working together to map the Eastern Cemetery. This is a pilot project to define the process of translating the detailed paper records into a GIS database. Once defined for the Eastern Cemetery, the process may be repeated for the other cemeteries in Gorham. The project has provided valuable experience to many students and is of clear benefit to Gorham. The project is also listed under potential projects for workstudy students.

If you are interested in partnering with USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS), please contact the Director of USM Geographic Information Systems (GIS).