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The Fund for the University of Southern Maine


Why Give to the Fund for USM? 

The Fund for USM offers a way to express your passion and vision for high-quality public higher education

When you give to the Fund for USM, you provide USM students an edge over their peers in an increasingly complex and competitive world. In recent years, the economic landscape of our state has changed, and we continually face new employment challenges. In order to meet these challenges, the leaders of tomorrow require high-quality public education today.  In contributing to USM, you’re helping to create an educated future workforce that will be essential to revitalizing Maine’s economy.

You may make a gift online by clicking the button above, or mail your check payable to USM to:  Advancement Services, PO Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104


Who gives to the Fund for USM?

The Fund for USM is a long-standing partnership between our friends, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff, who want to invest in the future of our university.  People who give to the Fund each year:

  • Understand that USM is central to a strong workforce and robust economy in the state of Maine
  • Believe preparing a student for the future is a great return on investment
  • Know that state appropriations cover less than 1/3 of USM’s operating expenses
  • Recognize USM as the intellectual hub of the region
  • Appreciate that high annual fund participation rates strengthen USM’s reputation and ranking

Please give to the Fund for USM. Help today’s students connect with tomorrow.

We are committed to educating Maine’s workforce, and Fund for USM donors are an important part of achieving our goal. With each gift, no matter the size, you make a difference.



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UCU Approaches Philanthropy Through Partnership

The University Credit Union, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the financial well-being of all members of the Maine University System community, is an active partner in a wide variety of campus endeavors. Giving to support everything from pool tables to scholarships and everything in between, they are an integrated part of the community and support student life in a grassroots way.

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