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Endowment Giving - The Gift That Keeps on Going

Why create an endowment?

Excellent scholarships and programs require substantial, consistent, and permanent funding. An endowment provides a stable base for that funding.

Endowed gifts can be made in a variety of ways. For example, an endowment may be created by outright gifts over a number of years. Many University endowed gifts are created through bequests. Alumni, retired faculty and staff, and other individuals leave a portion of their estate to the University of Southern Maine Foundation for a specified purpose, such as scholarships. Your endowed gift is a gift to ensure the future of the University of Southern Maine and the intellectual and personal development of its students.

Establish an Endowment Through a Bequest

Emily Carle Has Found a Purpose in Caring Through Nursing

Emily’s deep compassion for caring for people is empowered by the rich community she’s found at USM and in Maine. She says, “Thank you to USM for accepting me to the school of nursing, for this opportunity in academics and career, to the wonderful teachers, professors, mentors and all the encouragement USM has provided me in pursuing this degree and calling and passion... and for the honors of scholarships and financial assistance to make this degree and passion possible.”

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Scott and Jonathan Cohen Honor The Memory of Their Father, Gene.

Gene R. Cohen believed that education was the key to success. His sons Scott and Jonathan, co-trustees of the charitable foundation established to carry on Gene’s philanthropic work, established a scholarship fund to honor their father’s important role in the New England business community.

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Charlie Hoff Takes Philanthropy Beyond Financial Support at USM

Charlie Hoff established a scholarship to support students through all four years of their education after a good experience sponsoring one student from York, but he’s not just a financial benefactor. Charlie passionately encourages students to pursue their dreams.

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