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How to Educate Leaders

Great leaders in a field are shaped by their unique opportunities to learn through experiences such as travel programs or access to cutting edge lab technology.


The Osher Map Library Makes a World of Difference to Libby Bischof and Her Students 


The Osher Map Library, made available by the generosity and hard work of many people, is a fantastic resource for Libby Bischof, Assistant professor of History, and her classes. Libby says, “I utilize the Osher Map Library with my students all the time. Particularly because maps are excellent primary sources. Primary sources really help students gain a more tangible way of looking at the past, because what better way to literally understand the way in which people viewed their world?”

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For Cheri Crossman, the USM Community Offered Purpose and Belonging 

Cheri grew up in and aged out of foster care, moving from place to place as many foster kids do and never feeling at home. The Youth Leadership Advisory Team at USM’s Muskie School of Public Service made her realize she had a voice and could make a difference.

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