Graduate Studies

GA Funding Request Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received an email from the Office of Graduate Studies with a Graduate Assistantship allocation for the academic year. Do I need to apply for funding?

A: No. If you received a Graduate Assistantship allocation for the upcoming academic year, based on your program’s enrollment, you do not need to submit a request for funding. You may proceed with the hiring process for your Graduate Assistantship, beginning with the submission of your Job Description.

If you are within an academic department, student services, student affairs, or other non-academic department that has in previous years been allocated Graduate Assistantship funds based on anything other than program enrollment, you must submit a request for Graduate Assistantship funding. Funding is not guaranteed. 


Q: I am in a non-academic, student services, or student affairs office, and last year we were allocated Graduate Assistantship funding. I would like to renew my Graduate Assistant for the upcoming academic year. Do I need to submit a request for funding? 

A: Yes. The only departments that do not need to submit a request for funding are academic departments that have been allocated Graduate Assistantship funding based on their program’s enrollment.


Q: My department can afford to meet the minimum requirements to sponsor a Graduate Assistantship stipend, but not scholarship (or vice versa). What should I do?

A: We would recommend that you submit a Graduate Assistantship Funding Request for the scholarship amount (or vice versa). If funding is available, and you are able to present the need for the Assistantship and value to the student, the Office of Graduate Studies may be able to offer scholarship funding (or vice versa). 


Q: I applied for funding for the scholarship (or vice versa) and was denied. Does this mean I cannot hire a graduate student at all?

A: Absolutely not! You may hire a graduate student to support your department, project, etc… you simply may not hire them with the title “Graduate/Teaching/Research Assistant.” There are other options for hiring graduate students, for instance--temporary employment or graduate student employees. In doing so, you can create your own job title; recommendations include: Graduate Fellows, Associates, Scholars, etc...


Q: I want to hire a graduate student, but cannot meet the Graduate Assistantship minimum criteria. Am I on my own to figure out the hiring process?

A: Absolutely not! We are here to support you and your graduate students - always. We are prepared and happy to assist you with hiring graduate students in any capacity. Simply reach out to us at for assistance.


Q: Can faculty submit requests individually, or should requests be routed through the academic departments?

A: Faculty are free to submit funding requests individually.