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Graduate Assistantships

Current GA Opportunities

The Well Graduate Assistant (2 Positions Available)

Center for Sexualities and Gender Differences Graduate Assistant

Violence Against Women Act Measuring Effectiveness Initiative Graduate Assistant 

Special Collections Graduate Assistant (1)

Special Collections Graduate Assistant (2)

Disability Services Center Graduate Assistant

Leadership Studies Graduate Assistant

Multicultural Student Affairs Graduate Assistant

Student Activities Graduate Assistant

Other Student Work Opportunities

America Reads Coordinator Graduate Aide (Graduate Aide Funding Required)

MECA Pre College Coordinator Summer 2017

MECA Student Life Graduate Assistant

USM eRecruiting

Other Opportunities

New England Environmental Finance Center (NE/EFC)


For detailed information about Graduate Assistantships, please review the Graduate Assistant Handbook. A brief overview can be found below.

Receiving a Graduate Assistantship

Students interested in Graduate Assistantships can pursue opportunities via two primary methods:

Returning Students

Returning students are not guaranteed their previous assistantships. Re-appointments, approved through the department’s or program’s normal processes, are made by previous funders.

You must also maintain a 3.0 GPA and make acceptable academic progress in your graduate program to receive an assistantship.


To be eligible for a graduate assistantship position, students must be:

  • Fully matriculated in a degree program at the graduate level. (They must have met all criteria for graduate student status, including completion of a baccalaureate degree); and must be
  • Registered for at least 6 credits of coursework in the semester(s) in which they will be working (master’s and CAS students), or registered for GRS 603 (masters) or GRS 701 (doctoral) and have a certificate of satisfactory progress from their program.
  • Returning graduate students must have a 3.0 GPA and be making acceptable academic progress in their graduate program.

Department Funded GA's and Externally Funded Graduate Assistantships

In addition to the program-awarded assistantships, there are addiitonal positions provided by administrative or academic units at USM.  If you wish to be considered for these positions, send your resume to the Office of Graduate Studies. Information about these jobs will be forwarded to you as they become available.

Tuition Waivers and Undergraduate Credits

As per the Graduate Catalog, a graduate student may be able to apply up to six credit hours of undergraduate work to his or her graduate program according to the determination of the particular program of study. Please see here for conditions that apply. If a student has a graduate assistantship and is receiving a university tuition waiver, the university will apply tuition waivers to a maximum of six undergraduate credit hours as per the policy in the graduate catalog. These six undergraduate credit hours must apply to the student's graduate degree. Please note that this policy does not pertain to students enrolled in 3+2 or 4+1 programs. These students should consult with the Office of Graduate Studies for more information.