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Graduate Assistantships for
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An essential purpose of graduate study is to transform participants from students to developed professionals and scholars.  Graduate assistantships serve several purposes: to provide financial support for students, to enhance students’ professional and scholarly development, and to support the academic goals of faculty and the university. Careful planning and monitoring are hallmarks of truly successful graduate assistant experiences, in which the relationship is beneficial to both the student and the university.

The recipient of an assistantship is both a student and an employee. As a student, he or she is expected to maintain a high level of academic performance, and to develop professional skills through regular counseling by a faculty or a professional mentor. As an employee, the graduate assistant should expect to meet specified work obligations and receive in-service training. While the responsibilities of the graduate assistant may be greater than those of other students, the opportunities for professional development are proportionately greater.

Receiving a Graduate Assistantship
Funds for some graduate assistantships are provided by the Office of Graduate Studies and distributed through individual academic programs. Other assistantships are created and supported by internal and external funds.


Returning Students
Returning students are not guaranteed their previous assistantships. Re-appointments, approved through the department’s or program’s normal processes, are made by previous supervisors.


To be eligible for a graduate assistantship position, students must be:

  • Fully matriculated in a degree program at the graduate level.
  • Registered for at least 6 credits of coursework in the semester(s) in which they will be working (master’s and CAS students), or registered for GRS 602 (masters) or GRS 701 (doctoral) and be making satisfactory progress in their program.


Office of Graduate Studies Funded Graduate Assistantships
All OGS GA awards to programs are in the form of stipends and tuition waivers. Stipend amounts are as follows:

  • Full-time (20 hours per week) $9,000 per academic year ($1,000 per month)
  • 1/2 time (10 hours per week) $4,500 per academic year ($500 per month)

*Maximum stipend amounts for a master's degree student is $1250/month (for a 20 hour week position).

All OGS-sponsored GA’s working 10 or more hours/week will receive tuition waivers, up to a maximum of 18 credits during any academic year, in addition to their stipends at the following rates:

  • Full time (20 hrs) - 18 credit tuition waiver per academic year
  • 1/2 time (10 hrs) -    9 credit tuition waiver per academic year


Department Funded GA's and Externally Funded Graduate Assistantships
Stipends paid by external (grants and contracts) or department funds must meet the minimum stipends required by Graduate Studies (see above). The offer of tuition assistance is variable and optional.


GA Supervisors
Please see the summary of responsibilities for supervisors of graduate assistants for important details about hiring and working with a graduate assistant.  To initiate hiring a graduate assistant, complete the GA Set-Up Form provided below and submit it to the Office of Graduate Studies.


Questions?  Contact The Office of Graduate Studies at 780-4877.