Graduate Studies

Graduate Faculty and Staff - Policy for Developing Overlap Programs (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Criteria for Proposals for Dual Degree Programs



School(s)/College(s)/ Institution(s)


Signatures of department head(s), dean of school(s)/college(s)

Program abstract

Provide a summary of the proposed program. This section should include advantages to each respective degree program and impact on USM. If a dual degree program is with another University System institution, describe the advantages to USM.

Objectives of the program

List the program objectives and indicate how they are related to each respective degree program.

Justification and need for the program

a. Indicate the benefits for offering the dual degree program. Describe the process used to reach these conclusions, the basis for estimating the need, and those factors that were considered in documenting the program need.

b. Document the student demand for the dual degree program

c. Give any additional reasons that make offering the dual degree program desirable (i.e., to meet specific public or private sector needs).


List the entire course of study required and recommended to complete the dual degree program. Give a sample program of study that might be followed by a representative student. Provide a copy of the existing approved requirements for each major involved in the dual degree program proposal.  The Guidelines for Dual listed courses must be followed.


Describe how the proposed program will be administered within the structure of the institution.

Address how students will be admitted to the dual degree program. Explain how students will be advised once they are admitted to the program. Provide the name of a contact person for the program, and describe the role he/she will play and the responsibilities he/she will have.  Describe the responsibilities that will fall to other offices/departments.


Indicate the measures that will be taken to assess the effectiveness of the program and the learning outcomes of students enrolled.

Fiscal and enrollment impact and estimated budget

Indicate any fiscal impacts on each supporting degree program.  Document the increase in revenue from this program, based on the documented student demand.