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Graduate Studies USM/UMaine PhD Collaborative Program

USM is a partner in a collaborative effort to strengthen Maine’s research and development infrastructure. USM, UMaine, Jackson Lab, MDI Biological Lab, and Maine Medical Center’s Research Institute have agreed to share a variety of academic and research resources including professional and faculty expertise and a talent pool of students. All the institutions will share laboratories and other facilities, and will explore ways to deliver research seminars and other graduate-level programs throughout the state. In addition, researchers at the four institutions are able to earn a Ph.D. through UMaine or conduct post-doctoral study in their specializations. Scientists at the institutions are able to hold appointments as adjunct graduate faculty in University of Maine doctoral programs. This program benefits both USM and the State of Maine.  UMaine's Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology (BCMB) offers a program in graduate studies leading to a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. UMaine's Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering (GSBSE) offers doctoral degrees in biomedical sciences with concentrations in toxicology, immunology, epidemiology and virology.

            PhD students enrolled in these programs often do their research in the Portland area, either at Maine Medical Center Research Institute or at the University of Southern Maine.



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August 15th: Contact Amaranta Ruiz-Nelson to enroll in UMaine's health insurance plan or provide alternative coverage information. Contact USM's student accounts office to request health insurance through USM.

Graduate Assistantship Renewals:  Be aware of your end date and contact your supervisor 30 days before the expiration for informaiton on continuation.

August 1:  Enroll for Fall Semester

December 1: Enroll for Spring Semester

April 1: Enroll for Summer Semester if required



You must be enrolled at UMaine for every semester. For more information, see program links above.

If you are not enrolled in classes at USM during a semester, you may use GRS 601 to access the library, parking and the gym on the USM campus. GRS 602 is required if you purchase USM's health insurance or if you want to access USM's health services. The Office of Graduate Studies will arrange for these enrollments and pay the associated costs when funds are available.



Contact for Retraction of UMaine Recreation Fee:

Kenda Scheele, Senior Associate Dean of Students
5748 Memorial Union
Orono, ME 04469-5748
(207) 581-1406