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Healthy Huskies Update (Oct. 22, 2020)

As our semester moves forward and our autumn air turns colder, I wish to remind us all to continue the vigilance of our community. Once again, we have had another week without a new case on our campuses. As we naturally move our activity indoors, I humbly ask you all to continue this work that has kept us safe.
Masked Champ

Healthy Huskies Update (Oct. 15, 2020)

As I read news reports of a rising number cases of COVID-19 in some communities and university campuses, I must humbly thank you for your vigilance. Once again, we have had another week without a new case on our campuses. I am deeply heartened by our collective success thus far in keeping ourselves and our families healthy.
Masked Champ

Healthy Huskies Update (Oct. 8, 2020)

Upcoming Flu Shot Clinics, USM's Passport Initiative, the Navigate USM app, Upcoming Asymptomatic Testing,

Video: USM Student-Athletes #maskup

Whether they're in training, in the classroom, or on campus, USM student-athletes #maskup!

Video: Dean Mondor Shows the Healthy Huskies Way to Get Around Campus

This will be different on campus this fall, but in this video Dean Mondor takes the mystery out of what to do when entering and exiting buildings and classrooms on USM’s campus. These simple steps will go a long way toward keeping you and all Huskies healthy during the pandemic.

Video: Presidents Cummings and Qiu on Why You Should Make the Healthy Huskies Promise

The Healthy Huskies Promise is not just a list of do’s for respecting yourself, respecting others and respecting Husky Nation, say USM President Glenn Cummings and USM Student Body President Hannah Qiu. It’s the way we’ll keep everyone in the pack safe and get through the pandemic together.

USM offers First Responder-Essential Worker Scholarship to new and returning students

The new First Responder-Essential Worker Scholarship will be offered to 50 incoming and returning USM students who have been serving in first-responder roles or providing front-line critical services during the pandemic.

USM historian invites public to contribute to online archive of COVID-19 signs

Some of the fleeting Maine images of COVID-19 — of light-up marquees, lawn signs and storefront warnings — are being collected in an online archive by the University of Southern Maine. The crowd-sourced archive, titled “Signs of the Times: Documenting Covid-19 Signs in Southern Maine,” currently consists of about 200 photos. But creator Libby Bischof, a history professor and the executive director of the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education at the University of Southern Maine, thinks many more signs are out there.

USM partners with community to help small businesses navigate COVID-19

The University of Southern Maine is working to support community efforts to help small business owners navigate many of COVID-19’s challenges — from advising small business owners on how to apply for aid money to helping them navigate today’s quickly changing rules and regulations. And the help is free.

Karam '21 recounts his bout with COVID-19

Now hale and hearty, the rising senior information technology major says he feared for his life while coping with the disease he contracted at work.