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What to Do This Weekend

Gorham-area Events and Activities Compiled by Christina Lowery, Director of Housing and Residential Life

Updated Thursday, November 12

Please note: All events listed this week are virtual to encourage students to limit off-campus travel and exposure to others in the final two weeks before Thanksgiving and the transition to remote learning for the rest of the semester. Any exposures will disrupt your plans to return home for Thanksgiving. If you become infected or are exposed to a person who is confirmed to be infected, you will need to isolate or quarantine on campus before traveling. 

  • Check out the USM School of Music’s docket of upcoming virtual concerts.

  • Participate in a Free Virtual Escape Room: Starting at number 14 on this list are free virtual escape rooms. The themes range from Minecraft to Golden Girls. It's a great way to test wit and skill on your own or with a group on Zoom.

  • Christina’s personal pick to the week: Watching episodes of "Chopped After Dark." After the contestants leave, the judges make something with the baskets of ingredients provided to the contestants. Because it's just for fun, the judges are much more silly and hilarious. It's also a great way to find out how to use leftovers creatively.

    And a few specifically unsafe things to do that put our community at risk:

    Gatherings of 10+ people — even if people have face coverings on.
    Visiting the Old Port, as it is crowded this time of year.
    Visiting a crowded restaurant, bar, or club.
    Traveling to other areas and exposing yourself to other communities where COVID-19 may be circulating.
    Having a gathering in your room. Even if you're following the guest policy, know that being a close contact with people puts your holiday plans at risk. Please be diligent about reducing your number of close contacts for the next two weeks until you transition home.

See the USM Calendar of Events