Honors Program

Mission Statement

The USM Honors Program is an academically-intensive learning community, providing an in-depth interdisciplinary approach to general education.  Honors study lounges on both campuses provide an intellectual home for students who are willing and able to be challenged.  We are committed to small, discussion-based classes in which students develop critical thinking skills while building collaborative relationships with students, staff and faculty.


  • Our small, seminar-style courses give students the opportunity to work closely with others similarly engaged and to be mentored by our teachers.
  • Students will be invited to pull together and make sense of their studies at the University of Southern Maine while deepening and sustaining their thinking—reflectively, analytically, critically and imaginatively.
  • We faciltate the development of coherent writing skills while allowing students to discover their own voice.
  • Our program offers students the opportunity to lean how to field questions, lead intensive discussions, and give public presentations with confidence.
  • Students will know how to design and carry out personal, complex projects, start to finish.
  • When students graduate from USM with the Honors distinction they leave prepared and positioned for graduate or professional work and the pursuit of their chosen career.