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Honors Director Dr. Nancy Artz is an organizer for Portland’s Startup Weekend: Women’s Edition. Startup Weekend: Women’s Edition is an adventure where women can explore their talents, break the rules, and work with a team to develop creative ideas into successful business plans.
On the 7th of January the committee of the scholarly journal, The African American Review, publically recognized Honors Assistant Director, Rebecca Nisetich for her work surrounding Nella Larsen’s novel Passing.
For those interested in the summer session Honors is offering these two intriguing interdisciplinary courses!
This 3 credit course draws on literature, history, law, sociology, and anthropology to explore evolving conceptions of “race” in the United States. Students will contemplate perspectives of multiple writers, theorists, and community members. Special emphasis will be given to changing conceptions of “race” in Maine and New England. Experiential activities [may] include a field trip to Malaga Island, a walking tour of the Portland Freedom Trail, and participation in New Mainer’s Day.
Starting January 21st, join us every Wednesday (when classes are in session) for an hour of socializing and relaxation in the Honors Lounge (253 Luther Bonney). Enjoy tea and basic sandwich fixing, or bring your lunch. We hope to see you there!
We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new Honors Program 1 credit course: Honors Dialogue. This course will engage our students in thoughtful discussions surrounding weekly topics. The course will collaboratively examine issues from multiple perspectives. Emphasis will be placed on questioning, listening, identifying-and-suspending assumptions, and developing shared meaning.
Honors 105, taught by Professor Vassallo of the Political Science Department, transforms history, philosophy, social thought, literature, and the arts into paths for understanding logical and mathematical concepts and systems. Special emphasis will be placed on developing the skill of detecting logical and statistical fallacies. The scope and limits of logical and mathematical systems will be examined.
Honors students enjoying slices of homemade pie at Honors Hour.
Join us every Wednesday (when classes are in session) for an hour of socializing and relaxation in the Honors Lounge (253 Luther Bonney). We hope to see you there!
The USM Department of English once again is presenting its annual lecture series, offering three faculty lectures on diverse topics involving critical historical and cultural analysis. The lectures, which are free and open to the public, represent the interdisciplinary and cutting-edge approach taken to scholarly work by the department faculty.
Come and join the Philosophy Dept. for a dynamic panel discussion on "William James in Focus: Willing to Believe", authored by Prof. William Gavin. Thursday, Oct 23, 1:15-2:30 pm, Glickman Library, 7th Floor, Portland Campus. Pizza will be served at 1:00 pm. Free & Open to the public.


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