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Honors Program students are people like you - students who love to learn and laugh with friends.
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Why choose USM's Honors Program? How about access to the great City of Portland! Museums, restaurants, sailing, parks, live music - Portland is a great place to be!
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Exciting new opportunities for Honors Program students in Iceland begin in summer of 2017!
Northern Icelandic city at night with skyline reflected in the water.
Members of the honors living learning community at their year-end celebration in Gorham

The Honors Program at USM is a learning community for active and engaged students.  In Honors, students are encouraged to tap into their intellectual curiosity and creativity while exploring rich topics from multiple perspectives.  Students interact closely with peers in seminar-style classes and receive individualized attention from exceptional faculty.  Seniors can maximize their honors experience by writing an Honors thesis.

We offer small, dynamic courses that meet USM Core requirements.  First-year students, transfers, sophomores, juniors, adult learners, part-time students are all welcome.  Students in any major may

Honors students achieve the confidence that comes from developing their own ideas through writing and dialog.  Students hone their communication skills and become better able to tackle complex challenges while working respectfully with others. That’s why honors education is prized by employers and graduate schools.

News & Events

USM Athletic Training Student Leah Dell wins quiz bowl, earns scholarship at Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association conference.
Monday, November 16th Students will perform selected scenes from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin and George Aiken’s theatrical dramatization of the novel from the 1850s. 5:45PM-7:30PM 10 Bailey Hall, Gorham Campus
USM Honors student Jacob LiBrizzi publishes poem with Portland based publishing company Pine Pitch Press. The poem Cesium’s Bell will appear in the collected works issue Then, Again, centering on the theme “seconds.”
February 24, 2016
11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Woodbury Campus Center Amphitheater

Halló Iceland!

Iceland waterway with Northern Lights display.

Learn, travel, and earn Honors Program credits while exploring Iceland!  This new study abroad program provides Honors Program students with a unique and exciting opportunity during the summer.  More information coming soon!

USM Honors Program

The USM Honors Program is a long-time institutional member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the professional organization devoted to honors education.

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