Campus Human Resources Services

Employee Departure Notification

Your first step when notified of an employee departure should be to contact your HR Liaison immediately who will be able to walk you through certain immediate action steps and will concurrently contact Lisa Eddy in HR immediately via this form.  Please do not provide notification to any other employee or unit (e.g. - IT, Card Services, etc.)  It is very important that your HRL, in collaboration with Human Resources, takes lead on the departure process, both for the sake of the employee and the University.

HR Liaisons:

In order to discontinue an employee’s access to computer/phone/email, etc in a timely manner, please complete this form as soon as you are informed an employee will be leaving the University.   HR will review this information and forward to appropriate departments (Computing, Telecommunications, Facilities Management, Purchasing & Payables, Finance and Payroll). 

After submission, please complete the Separation form and forward to Payroll at so they may finalize the employee’s last pay.

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Employee Information
Moving to a New Department
Please complete the following additional info for an employee who is moving departments.
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