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Equal Opportunity

Mission Statement

The Office of Equal Opportunity at the University of Southern Maine strives to ensure that all university community members uphold federal and state nondiscrimination laws. To that end, we work toward a campus climate that is supportive of equity through advice, education, and intervention.

Education is a critical component to building a campus community that understands its rights and obligations pertaining to equal opportunity and affirmative action. Therefore we provide various live and online training tools.

We advise individuals and departments regarding specific equal opportunity issues. This includes providing information regarding complaint resolution mechanisms such as the University of Maine System Procedure for Equal Opportunity Complaints.

For complete information on University of Maine System Equal Opportunity, please visit the UMS Equal Opportunity Portal.

General Information

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Complaint Procedure

To review the UMS Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedure, please click here.



Visitors: Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (contact information below).

Translated versions of the Nondiscrimination Notices for UMS Publications


Amie Parker, Interim Director, Equal Opportunity

For a complete list of Equal Opportunity Officers, please click here.