Campus Human Resources Services

Hourly Position Review Tips

Some people have had some difficulty in describing their duties, especially regarding "normal daily", "regular period", and "occasional" responsibilities. Some tips:

  1. Do not try to describe separately every small aspect of what you do. For example, rather than list separately things like prepares travel vouchers, prepares check requests, sets up accounts, bill/credits accounts, etc (each with its own time estimate), it is better to say something like "performs financial duties such as ..." with a time estimate for all your financial duties. If you find yourself listing more than about 10-12 duties, you are probably splitting them into too many parts.
  2. If you tend to perform most of your duties every day, then you would list most of the duties under "normal daily responsibilities." Those not performed every day but on a regular basis (for example, once/week) should be listed under "regular period responsibilities." Those performed on a highly irregular, intermittent basis should be listed under "occasional responsibilities."
  3. For each duty, you may list either your best estimate of the number of hours in a typical, average week that you perform each duty or the % of your total work time spent on that duty. Please note: When adding up the "normal daily", "regular period", and "occasional" responsibilities, the total must be 40 hours (or 100% if you choose the % method).