Campus Human Resources Services

Updated HR Drop-In Hours for I-9 Validation (5/3/2022)

Updated May 11, 2022


I-9 verification is required before or on the first official date of employment.  

For individuals who are attending the new hire orientation on Monday morning, please bring your unexpired documents with you to the session. 

We are also able to offer the following for drop-in I-9 verification services.  (Managers or their designee are also encouraged to be the first point of contact for new hires to complete their I-9 document prior to the official start date.)  

Please note: We ask you to complete part one of the I-9 online within MaineStreet (Employee Self-Service) as referenced in your welcome email in preparation for having your I-9 documents verified.  Thank you!

Please come prepared:

Portland Campus (120 Bedford Street):

  • Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15am-4:00pm.
  • Thursdays, noon-4:00pm

Gorham and Lewiston:

What if the employee is out-of-state or otherwise too far from campus to travel for in-person verification?

There are proxy options we may consider in these circumstances:

  1. CUPA-HR I-9 Reciprocal Processing Consortium: Most colleges have reciprocal agreements to sign off on I-9s from other colleges. If you have an employee in another state, please reach out to your HR Partner so we may look into this option for you.

  2. Notary Public: Many notaries are authorized to verify I-9s as authorized representatives. Employees may call their bank, for instance, to see if a notary public is available and willing to assist.

Still have questions?

Please email us at  We look forward to meeting you in person!