Campus Human Resources Services


On-Campus Interviews - preparations by Search Committee

The committee must decide on the interview format before candidates are called. You must bring at least 2 candidates, who meet qualifications, to campus for interview.

  • Who will be involved?
  • What constituency groups need to be represented?
  • How should the interviews be scheduled?
  • Who will do the arranging?
  • Who will escort the candidate through the day and monitor the time?
  • Who will introduce the candidate, ask the questions and moderate the process?
  • What questions should be asked?
  • Who will develop an evaluation sheet to be completed by invited interviewers; who will collect and evaluate them?
  • Is the interview location wheelchair accessible? If not, call Space and Scheduling to arrange a site. Applicants should be asked if they would like to request any other accommodations.

These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered as early as possible to hasten and facilitate the process. Please keep in mind that the interview and associated arrangements allow the candidate to evaluate the job, future coworkers and the institution. The candidate will be evaluating you, USM and the broader community.

Expenses:  The recruitment budget pays for Affirmative Action advertisements.  All other expenses are picked up by the department.  In some cases, the Dean/Director's office may provide additional funds if requested.

Travel: Air travel reimbursement will cover coach fare only for commercial travel. If auto travel is feasible and costs less than commercial travel, USM will reimburse the cost of auto travel at the current University rate for mileage.

Lodging: No candidate should be provided lodging in the home of any person on the screening committee.

Meals: Meal costs should be kept within reasonable limits. USM will not cover any liquor expenses. The university will normally reimburse meal costs for only the candidate and two or three committee members.

Preparing the Candidates:  With the above plans in place, the candidates can be notified by phone or email to set up the appointment. Appropriate materials regarding the program and the university should be sent to each candidate well in advance of the interview. Note: Ask the candidates if they would like to request accommodations or have interests that could be arranged for during the visit.  

Conducting the Interview: Criteria and/or areas for discussion must be consistent for all candidates. The questions for candidates need to be job related and, when appropriate, to broader issues related to the university. The same set of core questions must be used for each candidate, (even internal candidates) with individualized questions added for the purpose of clarifying information about applicable experience. Questions regarding age, race, veteran status, or sexual orientation are also not to be asked.  See Legal - Illegal Quesitons and examples of Behavior-based Questions.

Special considerations: Laws and policies of non-discrimination prohibit you from asking questions about a person's disability. Do not make assumptions about the person's ability or inability to perform the job. You may always ask a candidate to describe or demonstrate how he/she would perform any essential functions of the position.

All individuals or groups involved in the on-campus interview should be given interview guidelines for use during the interview. Their responses should be submitted in writing to the Chair of the committee.