Campus Human Resources Services

Managing Electronic Files

Create a folder in Groupwise using the vacant search number and position title as the folder name.

 Click on:

  1. File
  2. New
  3. Folder
  4. Shared Folder
  5. Name (example: 1501 Staff Associate --- you MUST list the search number first)
  6. Address book to add all names - you must share with Linda Boody ( and Michelle Nadeau (
  7. Highlight each name and then check "edit" and "delete" boxes to give full access to Linda and Michelle.

If committee members will be receiving email regarding the search (from someone other than the search chair – for instance, other committee members) they should also create a folder and share it with Employment Services as stated above.

Put all correspondence regarding this search in this folder (be sure to include any “sent” mail).

All written materials are considered part of the search and must be kept.  At the end of the search, Employment Services will take the materials from the groupwise folder and store them for the requisite 3 years.  Do not delete any email. Employment Services will notify you when you can delete the folder.

Create a search folder (using the same name as the email folder you created above) on your U drive to be shared with the committee.  This is where you will keep all written documentation for the search.  The search committee will keep all their documentation there as well (summary of applications, comparative rating sheet, individual rating sheets, interview notes, etc). 

How to create a folder on your U drive:

Click on:

  1. File
  2. New
  3. Folder
  4. Name (example: 1501 Staff Associate --- you MUST list the search number first)

How to share the folder:

Go to DocXchanger ( and login with your Novell user name and password.

Find the file you created in the steps above and go to the far right

Click on:

  1. The first icon which is the "share" icon
  2. Add internal (for USM employees)
  3. Subject should be the search number and name of the file
  4. Description is not necessary
  5. Enter the start and stop dates or check "sharing link never expires"
  6. Under access rights, check the box to give "write access" to everyone
  7. To add consumers, click the search box under address book
  8. Change user id to Last name to make your search easier
  9. Type the last name then hit search
  10. Check the box in front of the email address and then click on "add"
  11. Once you have all the addresses, click "close"
  12. Next hit the apply button (do not check the boxed in front of the names before doing this or you will "remove" the names)
  13. Once the apply button is hit, an email will be sent to each person notifying them that they have access to the shared folder and will also give them a link to the folder (you’ll also receive a copy of the email sent to each person)
  14. You may now “exit” – click on last icon (it looks like a door) in first row of icons

What happens to the files at the end of the search…

  1. Make sure all email (sent and received) is in the shared groupwise folder.
  2. Collect all materials (rating sheets, interview notes, etc.) from all committee members.  Electronic copies should be saved to the shared folder and hard copies should be bundled up to send via intercampus mail to Employment Services.
  3. You will need to compress (zip) the shared and then attach it to an email to Linda ( so she can store it for the requisite 3 years.

To compress/zip a folder:

  1. Right click on the folder
  2. “Send to”
  3. “compressed (zipped) folder”
  4. You now have a folder that has a little zipper on it that you can email

Once the zipped folder is received it will be reviewed and email will be removed from the shared Groupwise folder.  Do NOT erase any email until you've been notified as stated below.

Once files have been processed by Employment Services, Linda will send you an email to let you know you can delete the shared email and shared docxchanger folder.